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Ecologic 2.0: a big leap forward for building energy rating and retrofits

We're excited to announce the release of Ecologic 2.0, the first major upgrade of our mass market energy audit and retrofit platform.

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November, 2017

Building Performance Disclosure and Rating: a review and path forward for the property industry

Building performance disclosure and rating is a growing trend in the property industry, with increasing attention being paid by prospective buyers and renters to energy bills. This article analyses the range of approaches for building performance disclosure and rating, suggesting a proposed path forward for the industry.

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October, 2017

Ecologic joins Energylab Fast Track

Ecologic has been invited to join a new program to accelerate investment and market uptake of its energy efficiency and solar mass deployment platform.

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August, 2017

Our Energy Future launches in Sydney, Australia

We're excited to announce the launch of Our Energy Future, our first large-scale energy campaign targeting 800,000 resident households in Sydney, Australia.

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July, 2017

Efficiency and solar: existential threat or business opportunity for utilities

Recent drops in energy use and the rapid uptake of solar have led to growing concerns among energy utilities that customers will abandon the grid leading to a 'utility death spiral'. But smart utilities are increasingly viewing efficiency and solar as a business opportunity and a new cloud-based platform could offer them the tool to deliver retrofits at scale.

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June, 2017

Community Energy Blitz: how city councils and community groups can lead the energy transition

Increasingly, councils and community groups are seeking to promote energy efficiency and solar PV within their local community, however most lack the tools or resources to implement large-scale programs. A new platform from Ecologic Apps can help retrofit households and businesses at scale.

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May, 2017

Ecologic moves beyond the home

We are excited to announce that the Ecologic audit and retrofit platform now supports a much wider range of property types including commercial offices and retail.

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April, 2017

New solar PV optimisation tool released

Ecologic Apps are excited to announce a world-first tool to assist with the complex decision of sizing solar PV systems.

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March, 2017

New tool released for assessing solar hot water

Are you interested in solar hot water? Ecologic can give you accurate estimates of how much money you'll save based on your actual circumstances.

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February, 2017

Statistical, dynamical, integral: the three waves of ecohacking

One of the most exciting developments in the energy sector in recent years has been the emergence of 'ecohacking'. Beginning around 5 years ago, we've witnessed the emergence of a swathe of companies applying the latest web technology to drive the uptake of energy efficiency and renewables.

Here we characterise the emergence of ecohacking as three waves to paint a picture of the broad waves of innovation that have occured while offering our vision for the sector.

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January, 2017