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Energy action guides launched

Ecologic Apps recently released a new set of guides to assist you with acting on your personalised energy saving plan.

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December, 2016

New tool released for building energy professionals

Ecologic Apps are excited to announce a new product, Ecologic Pro, to enable energy auditors and building performance professionals to provide rapid simulation-driven audits and retrofit assessments.

November, 2016

Ecologic Apps for Professionals

In this post we explore how a range of professionals will be able to apply our platform to strengthen their business, including energy auditors, architects, builders and energy saving product providers.

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October, 2016

Ecologic Apps - Where We're Going

In our previous post, we explained the untapped potential of energy efficiency or 'energy efficiency gap'.

In this post we'll introduce our recently released energy auditing platform and why we think it could be a game-changer.

July, 2016

Ecologic Apps - Why We're Here

Ecologic is a small startup with a big mission.

We plan to transform how energy is used and generated in buildings around the world by combining leading-edge web and mobile technology, big data analytics and world-leading building simulation science.

In this first blog post, we'd like to set the scene by sharing why we think energy efficiency is an untapped resource for households, businesses, utilities and governments and unpack the barriers that are holding it back from its potential.

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June, 2016