Ecologic Utility

How utilities can turn efficiency and solar from a threat to an opportunity

Recent drops in energy use and the rapid uptake of solar PV have led to growing concerns among energy utilities that customers will abandon the grid leading to a 'utility death spiral'. But smart utilities are increasingly viewing efficiency, solar and batteries as a business opportunity.

Ecologic have developed a web-based platform to help utilities offer their customers a comprehensive energy service, including energy efficiency, solar PV and battery storage.

How it works

  1. the utility (or a third party) contacts customers and provides an energy audit and retrofit assessment
  2. a personally tailored portfolio of energy saving measures is offered to the customer at no upfront cost
  3. product and service providers are sub-contracted to install building performance improvements, energy efficient appliances, solar PV and/or batteries at the property as a cost-effective bulk procurement
  4. the package of measures is then repaid using on-bill financing, with repayments offset by bill savings

Source: Rocky Mountain Institute

As distinct from conventional energy advice / audit service models, this approach allows you to deliver affordable, scalable and measurable impacts on the ground.

Enabling features of the platform include:

Together these innovations enable energy audits and retrofits to be delivered at scale with minimal transaction costs.

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