Ecologic Professional

Leading edge technology to supercharge your energy services business

Ecologic Professional is a web and mobile app to help building professionals rapidly assess the energy performance of residential and commercial buildings and generate tailored business cases for high performance building features, fixtures and appliances.

How it works

  1. the building professional undertakes a quick 10-20 minute walk through audit of the building using our app on their mobile, tablet or laptop, describing the building geometry by tracing an aerial photograph and then describing the installed fixtures and appliances
  2. the audit details are uploaded to our cloud-based platform where we generate a 3-D model of the building and simulate its thermal performance, its appliance electrical loads, its bill costs, and the bill savings of a range of energy saving fittings and appliances
  3. the platform returns an online dashboard and PDF report which can be emailed to the customer, providing a personalised action plan and business case, and a set of recommended products
  4. the building professional then installs their preferred set of products or subcontracts a third party provider where necessary using the in-app dispatch tool

The tool is unique in combining:


Use cases and benefits

The product is offered to building professionals using a pay-per-audit model, at $30 per audit. Sign up for a free trial here or contact if you have any further questions.