Ecologic moves beyond the home

We are excited to announce that the Ecologic audit and retrofit platform now supports a much wider range of property types including commercial offices and retail.

Ecologic was originally developed in response to the limitations in existing residential energy audit tools. Essentially, residential audits tools were either too cumbersome or too simplistic to provide a reliable business case for action.

We believe we have overcome this trade-off between simplicity and sophistication, for instance:

These same limitations exist in non-residential audit tools so, by popular demand, we have extended the Ecologic service to non-residential properties.

Supported property types now include:

Users can now select the property type from a new question in the occupants tab. This will automatically adjust the audit questions and retrofit options accordingly. New relevant features include:

We will continue to roll out tailored improvements for these new property types over the coming months.

To check it out yourself visit or for further questions contact us at