Your Ecologic Partner subscription includes a Gateway or white-labelled instance of the Ecologic Platform for your networks to self assess their properties.

Your Gateway includes the ability to provide the following customisations:

  • a custom logo for the app and reports
  • a vanity URL (e.g.
  • custom branding for the app and reports including background color, feature colour, header image etc
  • custom copy to be included in PDF reports
  • configurable CRM integrations for project requests, using a webhook interface

To edit your gateway:

  1. Firstly ensure you are logged into your team account and that your user has Admin privileges (see the section above to edit user privileges)
  2. click 'Account' in the top right and then click your Team name
  3. edit the relevant content using the form provided

Ecologic Partner provides support to manage a team of suppliers that are unique to your campaign.

To specify a set of suppliers within Ecologic you will need several key details:

  • Supplier name
  • Supplier logo
  • Either an email address or a webhook address for receiving automated quote requests

For each specific offer you will need to provide:

  • Product / service name
  • Feature image and up to 3 other product images (ideally large and high resolution)
  • Product summary (short paragraph hook shown 'above the fold' describing product / service)
  • Product description (~3 paragraphs detailed description of product / service)
  • Price or (ideally) pricing business rules e.g. if ceiling insulation, $ / m2 ceiling area plus $ fixed fee, if solar, $ for different capacities, adjustments for multi storey, roof materials etc

Ecologic Partner provides several features to support effective email marketing campaigns.

For campaign tracking purposes, Ecologic allows recruited participants to be tracked against a unique email campaign ID.

To streamline the experience for recruited participants, Ecologic provides support for key user details, such as name and email address to be included in a 'magic link'. Essentially, the user's details are embedded in an encrypted key, which is included in the email hyperlink. When the user clicks this link, their details will be forwarded to our database and an account automatically generated for them. To enable this feature you will need to obtain an encryption key from Ecologic Apps and we will assist you with creating the 'magic links'.

Your Ecologic Partner subscription includes several features to help you better support social media campaigns.

For recruitment tracking and improvement purposes, Ecologic supports the use of embedded campaign IDs for each campaign. This does not require any configuration within Ecologic, however it is important to embed the ID in the shared hyperlink.