Your Ecologic Partner subscription includes a Gateway or white-labelled instance of the Ecologic Platform for your networks to self assess their properties. To edit your gateway click the Gateway tab in the Team admin section (you'll need team admin access to edit your gateway).

Your Gateway includes the ability to provide the following customisations:

  • Logo: a logo image displayed in the app and reports, prefer 400px (w) x100px (h) with transparent background, clearly legible at small sizes
  • URL: a URL subdomain used to access your gateway, must have no spaces or special characters (i.e.
  • Theme: the default theme for the gateway, currently either 'light' or 'dark'
  • Primary colour: the primary colour for highlighted features in the app interface
  • Secondary colour: the secondary colour for highlighted features in the app interface

Ecologic Partner allows you to centrally coordinate which suppliers can promote products or services in your marketplace. Once supplier offers are approved for the marketplace, you can then monitor supplier quotes and projects in realtime to ensure customers receive value for money, quality products and superior customer service.

To review supplier offers visit the Marketplace tab in the Team dashboard (you'll need to be a team admin or manager).

You should see a table of all current offers listed in your Partner domain together with all offer requests.

To review an existing offer or offer request click 'review' next to an offer in the table.

To unpublish an existing offer click the 'unpublish' button next to an existing offer in the offer table.

To approve an offer request click 'approve' next to an offer request in the offer request table.

Ecologic Partner provides several features to support effective email and social media campaigns.

To track the performance of campaigns, Ecologic allows UTM parameters to be included in email and social media links. This does not require any configuration within Ecologic, however it is important to embed the UTM params including source and campaign ID in the shared hyperlink.

To streamline user onboarding for email direct marketing campaigns, the software also provides support for key user details, such as name and email address to be included in a 'magic link'. Essentially, the user's details are embedded in an encrypted key, which is included in the email hyperlink. When the user clicks this link, their details will be forwarded to our database and an account automatically generated for them. To enable this feature you will need to obtain an encryption key from us and we will assist you with creating the 'magic links'.

Ecologic Partner provides the ability to monitor the participation rates, program impacts and project status in realtime using the campaign dashboard.

To monitor program participation including the number of households and business participants and their onboarding status, click the 'Profiles' tab. You should see the following headline metrics:

  • 'profiles' is the total number of households and businesses
  • 'results' is the total number of completed household and business profiles
  • 'plans' is the total number of household and businesses who have nominated their preferred actions

To monitor program impacts including the number of actions taken, their utility bill savings and their greenhouse gas reductions, click the 'Actions' tab and review the following headline metrics:

  • 'actions' is the total count of actions committed by the program participants
  • 'bill savings' is the total estimated electricity, gas and water bill savings attributed to the committed actions
  • 'carbon savings' is the total estimated greenhouse gas reduction attributed to the committed actions, expressed as tonnes CO2 equivalent

To monitor project status including the number, type and status of projects deployed via the platform, click the 'Projects' tab.

To analyse the geographic distribution of program participation, program impacts or program projects, use the interactive map below the headline metrics.

To analyse participant segments input a query using the search or filter buttons in each of the tables above. The program monitoring metrics, interactive map and table will automatically update to reflect the section.