Ecologic Community

How cities, governments and community groups can help drive the adoption of climate solutions

Increasingly, cities, governments and community groups are seeking to drive the adoption of climate solutions across their communities, however most lack the tools or resources to implement conventional community-wide programs.

Ecologic have developed a software platform to allow cities, governments and community groups to accelerate the uptake of climate solutions while generating economic activity and new jobs in their region.

How it works

  1. A community mobilisation campaign is launched by councils, local community groups, supportive businesses, schools and other aligned community members
  2. An integrated audit service is established with participating households and businesses encouraged to describe their building and appliances using the Ecologic web and mobile apps, either online, over the phone or using walkthrough assessments performed by local contractors
  3. Cutting-edge analysis is performed in the cloud to deliver a tailored rating, action plan and business case to each participating household and business including suggested changes in behaviour, building improvements, efficient appliances, solar PV and battery storage.
  4. Innovative delivery models are engaged to help households and businesses implement their action plans, connecting them with local suppliers, finance, and supporting resources.


As distinct from conventional community education or audit programs, this approach allows you to deliver affordable, scalable and measurable impacts on the ground.

  • Affordable: our product is offered to communities based on a low monthly subscription fee ($800 / month for our basic community plan) whereas conventional audit programs cost upwards of $400-$1500 for a single audit
  • Scalable: the Ecologic platform can offer an efficient mass-market service leveraging 'crowd-sourced' self assessment, viral social media sharing, 'Uber-style' peer-to-peer local supplier marketplace, and bulk procurement / financing
  • Measurable: the Ecologic platform tracks the progress of projects arising from audits from initial commitment, through to completion and provides real-time tracking data on the energy, water, utility bill and greenhouse gas savings attributable to the campaign


Enabling features of the platform include:

  • a user-friendly interface to enable households and businesses to rapidly describe their building and appliances, with any missing data filled with smart defaults
  • an advanced simulation engine capable of simulating the energy consumption, water consumption, utility bills and emissions of residential and commercial buildings anywhere in the world
  • an automatic PDF report generator, allowing a full report to be automatically generated and sent to the customer
  • custom branding of the self assessment app and reports including custom logos, colours, styling and copy
  • a team management system, allowing you to monitor and coordinate the activities across your team, including member access controls, contractor dispatch, status updates etc
  • a supplier marketplace, providing a streamlined mechanism for suppliers to offer energy and carbon saving products and services in your region
  • a project management system, allowing your team members to monitor the status and impact of projects arising from the program in real time
  • advanced security controls including password security testing, breached password detection, brute force detection, multi-factor authentication and single sign-on support

Together these innovations enable climate solutions to be delivered at scale while generating economic activity and new jobs in your region.

Case studies

We have worked with community groups, city councils and state governments collectively representing over 6 million residents. For a relevant customer case study see our work with the Our Energy Future Program.


Ecologic Community is offered on a recurring subscription, with subscriptions starting at $800 per month for our basic community plan. This fee helps us to operate and continuously improve the platform to better serve your community.

We also charge participating suppliers a small management fee to help cover program scaling costs including customer support, quality assurance, payment processing and dispute resolution.

For governments or other larger clients wishing to waive the supplier fee we also offer tiered volume-based subscriptions.

Next steps

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