Ecologic Community

How cities, governments and community energy groups can help drive the energy transition

Increasingly, cities, governments and community groups are seeking to facilitate sustainable transitions across their communities, however most lack the tools or resources to implement conventional community-wide programs.

Ecologic have developed a tool to allow cities, governments and community groups facilitate community-led action toward reducing energy used within their local community.

How it works

  1. A community mobilisation campaign is launched by council, local community groups, supportive businesses, schools and other aligned community members
  2. A crowd-sourced audit is activated to collect property data for each participating household and business using the Ecologic web and mobile apps, through a combination of online self- assessment, phone assessments performed by trained call centre staff and/or walkthrough assessments performed by trained building professionals
  3. Cutting-edge analysis is performed in the cloud to deliver a tailored energy action plan and business case to each participating household and business including suggested changes in behaviour, building improvements, efficient appliances, solar PV and battery storage.
  4. Innovative delivery models are engaged to help households and businesses implement their action plans including bulk purchasing, aggregated finance, workshops and peer learning networks.

As distinct from conventional energy advice / audit service models, this approach allows you to deliver affordable, scalable and measurable impacts on the ground.

  • Affordable: our product is offered to communities based on an annual subscription that scales with the number of residents, with costs typically less than one tenth of the cost of conventional energy audit programs
  • Scalable: the Ecologic platform can offer an efficient mass-scale energy service using several key innovations including 'crowd-sourced' self auditing, viral social media sharing, 'Uber-style' peer-to-peer local contractor dispatching and bulk procurement / financing
  • Measurable: the Ecologic platform tracks the progress of projects arising from audits from initial commitment, through to completion and provides real-time tracking data on the energy, bill and greenhouse gas savings attributable to the campaign

Enabling features of the platform include:

  • rapidly collecting energy audit data either on the web, over the phone or face-to-face using a mobile device and storing it in a central cloud-based database
  • running a set of physics-based simulations of the energy consumption of the property subject to a range of building, appliance, behavioural, and tariff scenarios
  • identifying a portfolio of energy saving measures tailored to the unique conditions of a property
  • generating accurate estimates of bill savings, to ensure loan repayments are offset by bill savings
  • providing a web-based clearinghouse for dispatching, monitoring and evaluating product providers

Together these innovations enable energy audits and retrofits to be delivered at scale with minimal transaction costs.

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