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How financial institutions can provide innovative building energy finance products

Leading financial institutions are turning climate change from a threat to an opportunity by developing innovative building energy finance products. Green mortgages, property assessed clean energy (PACE) loans, environmental upgrade agreements (EUAs) and green bonds are fulfilling a central role in accelerating climate action while providing a differentiated, value-adding service to both borrowers and lenders.

However all of these innovative building energy finance products require a streamlined, robust and traceable method for estimating the utility bill savings and environmental performance of building energy projects.

Ecologic have developed a software platform to help finance building energy investments at scale.

How it works

  1. the customer or an agent on their behalf provides a description of the building online using our white-labelled web and mobile app
  2. a property rating and/or business case is generated and provided to the customer and the financial institution
  3. if the investment meets the criteria, the investment is approved by the financial institution
  4. the investment is then repaid by the borrower, with any increase in repayments offset by bill savings


As distinct from conventional energy audit procedures, this approach allows you to deliver streamlined, repeatable and traceable assessments:.

  • Streamlined: the assessment can be completed entirely online in 15-30 minutes, without the cost and complexity of bespoke conventional audit procedures
  • Robust: the assessment is underpinned by a world-leading simulation engine providing reliable and repeatable estimates of bill savings and environmental performance
  • Traceable: all the inputs to the assessment are stored securely in the cloud, providing full traceability and reproducibility for auditing purposes

The end result is a win-win. Borrowers receive a streamlined customer experience while lenders have a robust and traceable means to demonstrate the business case and environmental performance of the underlying investments.


Enabling features of the platform include:

  • a user friendly interface enabling your household and business customers to rapidly describe their building and appliances, with user data augmented using smart defaults, machine vision and our unique analytics
  • an advanced simulation engine capable of simulating the energy consumption, utility bills and emissions of residential and commercial buildings anywhere in the world
  • an automatic PDF report generator, allowing a full report to be automatically generated and emailed to the customer
  • a team management system, allowing you to monitor and coordinate the activities across your team, including member access controls, contractor dispatch, status updates etc
  • a supplier marketplace, providing a streamlined mechanism for suppliers to offer energy and carbon saving products and services in your region
  • a project management system, allowing your team members to monitor the status and impact of projects arising from the program in real time
  • custom branding of the self assessment app and reports including custom logos, colours, styling and copy
  • advanced security controls including password security testing, breached password detection, brute force detection, multi-factor authentication and single sign-on support

Together these innovations enable innovative climate finance products to be delivered to customers at scale.


Ecologic Financial is offered on a tiered volume-based subscription that scales with the amount of activity generated on the platform.

Next steps

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