Ecologic Supplier

Find customers for your energy and carbon saving products and services

Ecologic Suppliers can offer energy and carbon saving products and services to households and businesses within the Ecologic energy and carbon advice platform.

How it works

  1. the customer answers a targeted set of questions about their building and appliances using our web or mobile app
  2. the customer is provided a rating and personalised set of recommendations for reducing their bills and their emissions
  3. your product or service offer is listed to potential customers in your service area including your provided offer images, offer description and pricing details
  4. if the customer requests the product or service offer from you, you receive an order and instant payment
  5. you manage and dispatch product orders in realtime using our in-app supplier dashboard or using your own CRM software


  • secure qualified, informed customers: all customers have reviewed a buyers guide and the estimated costs of the product or service where provided
  • streamline customer service: avoid unnecessary customer communication or double handling with complete customer orders instantly transmitted to your CRM


Key features of the platform for suppliers include:

  • directly control product and service offer content including adding your own product description copy and product images
  • update and monitor the status of orders using our in-app supplier dashboard including an interactive map and CRM
  • receive orders and status updates instantly directly in your synced CRM software
  • receive payments in your bank account within 24 hours via our secure payment gateway

Product categories

A range of products and services can be offered within the marketplace including:

  • lighting (commercial and residential)
  • efficient and smart appliances
  • building improvements such as insulation, draft sealing, window coverings and window treatments
  • air conditioner products and servicing
  • heat pump hot water systems
  • solar PV and battery storage systems
  • smart metering, solar monitoring and in-home display devices
  • pool pumps, pool pump control devices and pool servicing
  • carbon offsets


Depending on your preference, you can either directly receive payment for your product or service, or offer customers the ability to request a quote for the service (with an option for an initial deposit). You will receive payment directly to your nominated bank account within 24 hours via our secure payment gateway.

Suppliers are charged a small management fee of 5% on sales for purchases made within the marketplace. This helps fund a range of platform costs including customer support, quality assurance, payment processing, dispute resolution and the ongoing operation and improvement of the platform.

Next steps

Registration is free and available at the link below or contact if you have any further questions.

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