Ecologic Professional

Leading edge technology to supercharge your energy services business

Ecologic Professional is a web and mobile app to help building professionals rapidly assess the energy performance of residential and commercial buildings and generate tailored business cases for high performance building features, fixtures and appliances.

How it works

  1. the building professional asks the customer a targeted set of questions about their building and appliances and inputs the data to our web or mobile app (audits can be undertaken remotely over the phone or in-person)
  2. the property details are uploaded to our platform where we simulate the building thermal performance, its appliance electrical loads, bill costs, and bill savings of a range of energy saving fittings and appliances
  3. the platform returns an online dashboard and PDF report which can be emailed to the customer, providing a personalised action plan and business case, and a set of recommended products
  4. the building professional then installs the desired set of products or subcontracts a third party provider where necessary using the in-app dispatch tool


As distinct from conventional audit processes using paper and/or custom spreadsheets, Ecologic Pro enables a detailed report to be delivered to the customer before leaving the building.

  • Speed: rapidly collect a detailed description of the property in less than 30 minutes
  • Sophistication: provide individually tailored recommendations with estimated bill savings and carbon savings


  • a layered questionnaire interface and an intelligent, location-based defaulting system to enable you to provide as much or as little information as desired
  • a building specification tool for rapidly describing 3D building geometries suitable for thermal simulations using aerial photography, machine vision and computational geometry algorithms
  • an advanced simulation engine capable of simulating the energy consumption, water consumption, utility bills and emissions of residential and commercial buildings anywhere in the world
  • a customer relationship management system, allowing you to upload, securely store, and review all of your property descriptions and results for later use
  • an automatic PDF report generator, allowing a full report to be automatically generated and emailed to the customer before leaving the building
  • a team management system, allowing you to monitor and coordinate the activities across your team, including member access controls, team dispatch, status updates etc
  • Custom branding of the audit reports including custom logos, colours and styling

Use cases and benefits

  • energy auditors and building performance assessors, to reduce time taken to capture property data and prepare reports for customers and regulatory bodies
  • architects and building designers, to rapidly pre-assess the performance of various building designs, prior to engaging a building services engineer
  • builders and tradespeople, to provide customers with a business case for specifying high performance building elements and fixtures
  • real estate agents and property assessors, to showcase the energy efficiency of high performance properties
  • hvac installers and providers, to accurately specify the size and estimate the differing operating costs of heating and air conditioning systems
  • solar HW/PV installers and providers, to accurately specify the optimal installed capacity and estimate the bill savings from solar systems


Ecologic Pro users pay a fee per use of $30 per assessed property, with assessment credits purchased in advance via credit card. This helps fund quality assurance of your assessments in addition to the ongoing operation and continuous improvement of the platform for your customers.

Next steps

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