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The problem


Energy prices and emissions have been rising, leading to increased pressure on households, small businesses and the planet.


Wide range of technologies for reducing your bills and emissions but identifying the most effective options for your situation is complex.


Limited access to independent, tailored, unbiased advice with conventional walkthrough assessments costing $500-$1,500.

Our solution

An app providing intelligent, tailored advice to reduce your bills and your impact


Rate your performance compared to similar properties


Breakdown which appliances are using the most energy


Identify the most effective actions for your situation

How it works

Screenshot of Ecologic interface

Step 1

Answer a short set of questions about your building and appliances.

Respond to as many questions as you like.

Any unanswered questions will be filled with smart defaults.

Screenshot of Ecologic results

Step 2

Benchmark your energy bills and carbon footprint to similar properties.

Identify which activities and appliances are costing the most money and carbon.

Estimate your potential bill savings and carbon reduction with an affordable set of improvements.

Screenshot of recommendations

Step 3

Generate a tailored set of actions for reducing your bills and your impact.

Analyse the likely costs, bill savings and carbon savings in your unique situation.

Once you're ready, select the actions that you'd like to include in your personalised plan.

Screenshot of plan

Step 4

Receive detailed advice to put your plan into action, including explainer videos, buyers guides and reviews.

Access product and service offers from independently vetted local suppliers in your area.

Team up with your neighbours, friends and colleagues to amplify your savings and your impact.



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