Dr John McKibbin is the founder and CEO of Ecologic Apps and leads the product design, marketing and delivery. John has over 10 years experience providing analysis and strategic advice to communities, councils, utilities and government agencies at a state and federal level, with key clients including the City of Sydney, the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, the Australian Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, and most energy utilities across Australia.

Tim Savage is the CTO of Ecologic Apps and leads the technical architecture and development of the software platform. Tim has over 18 years professional experience working at the frontier of web technology, with considerable experience in the design, development and deployment of cloud-based platforms in addition to experience developing complex in-browser applications. Tim has worked for a wide range of clients including Westpac, Woolworths, Pacific Magazines, PMP Digital, Fairfax Media, Hotels Combined, Google, NRMA, Telstra, Vodafone, UK Royal Mail, Australia Post and NZ Post.