Ecologic analysis

Building Performance Disclosure and Rating: a review and path forward for the property industry

Building performance disclosure and rating is a growing trend in the property industry, with increasing attention being paid by prospective buyers and renters to energy bills. This article analyses the range of approaches for building performance disclosure and rating, suggesting a proposed path forward for the industry.

October, 2017

Statistical, dynamical, integral: the three waves of ecohacking

One of the most exciting developments in the energy sector in recent years has been the emergence of 'ecohacking'. Beginning around 5 years ago, we've witnessed the emergence of a swathe of companies applying the latest web technology to drive the uptake of energy efficiency and renewables.

Here we characterise the emergence of ecohacking as three waves to paint a picture of the broad waves of innovation that have occured while offering our vision for the sector.

January, 2017